Chapmon House

The most recent addition was built to resemble the Dutch Colonial heritage, with eight rooms and all of the other rooms are in individual cottages located by a pond. The rooms are large, with added drawing rooms, balconies and other amenities. Each cottage is different, having been built according to different themes. All rooms were named after traditional professions, which describe the design and decor. All rooms situated in a surrounding of the eco friendly nature at Ambalama, the Jungle, the pond.


Kumbal Geya

The Kubal Geya blends with the theme of pottery. Presents the lifestyle of a Potter, which is a traditional profession in Sri Lanka. Pottery began at



Every component of the Kammala, is made mostly out of steel and iron, and it represents the lifestyle of a Blacksmith. Its doors, windows and fixtures



Carpentry played a key role in Sri Lankan architecture, since sophisticated wooden buildings were found from the 3rd century onwards. This cottage rep